Xara Web Designer 9

Web Designer version 9

This is a simple demonstration of the some of the new features for Xara Web Designer release 9.  This simple web page took just a few minutes to create from a blank starting page.


The heading photo panel is a new Widget which, as you can see, provides a slick slideshow of photos. Mouse-over the image to pause, or click to go to any specific picture. You can customize the transition effect, speed and delay and of course the size on the page.

Page Background

This page backdrop uses a new graduated fade effect. Of course you can customize the colors used, and the size of the gradation. This background effect, page shadow, heading shadows use CSS3 effects. There is a wide range of pre-designed new background styles available, or you can create your own. You can place repeating textures, colored panels, or photos behind your page (fixed or scrolling) in fact almost any type of backdrop you can imagine.

Google Fonts

This document uses a couple of different Google fonts. The headings are using the Roboto Condensed font (regular and light varieties), and this body text is in Source Sans font, 14px size.  Web Designer provides direct access to all 620+ Google fonts, and will display correctly on all modern web browsers.

The latest HTML5 and CSS 3

All these effects use the latest HTML5 / CSS3 features where possible, with fall- backs for older browsers. They are compatible with all modern browsers, including phones and tablets, and will use hardware accelerated effects on modern devices, ensuring the smoothest possible animations. Note: Some of the features described here are only available in Web Designer Premium.